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Valcambi is a Swiss-based precious metals refiner that was established in 1961 and is world renowned as one of the largest producers and suppliers of cast and minted bullion bars. Valcambi’s bullion bars are hailed throughout the world for their outstanding quality and are a hallmark of Swiss craftsmanship, making them sought after by precious metal connoisseurs. The company manufactures its products in Balerna, Switzerland, where it operates one of the world’s largest precious metal facilities capable of refining an impressive 2,000 metric tonnes of precious metals per year. To put this number into perspective, the annual gold mine supply in 2013 reached 3,000 tonnes.

The total value annually processed in this plant is impressive to say the least, and the fact that Newmont Mining, one of the world’s biggest gold mining companies, holds a majority stake in the company is an indication of Valcambi’s importance as one of the world’s topmost precious metal foundries. Accredited by all major precious metal exchanges, Switzerland’s central bank and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), Valcambi’s gold and silver bullion bars are recognised worldwide, with clients ranging from retail investors to some of the largest international financial institutions, governments and central banks.

PAMP was founded in 1977 in Switzerland, and has since then grown to become the world’s most significant manufacturer of bullion bars, ranging in weights from 1 to 100 grams. PAMP’s main facility is located in the picturesque Swiss village of Castel San Pietro where it operates an advanced refinery and fabrication plant that applies the highest Swiss engineering skills and latest cutting-edge technologies in the refinement and production processes of its famed bullion bars. Hailed for being a market leader in innovation and in the fabrication of retail precious metal bars, the company was the first precious metals manufacturer to grace the reverse side of its gold bars with different aesthetic motifs.

One of them, the beautiful motif of Lady Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of Fortune, became a world hit and is today the hallmark of PAMP’s excellence as a fabricator. It is no wonder then that the acronym of the brand PAMP (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux) means artistic precious metal products. PAMP’s high purity and quality bullion bars are accredited by the Swiss National Bank and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), making them the preferred choice of leading financial institutions, central banks, investors and collectors worldwide.

The Austrian Mint, a subsidiary of Austria’s Central Bank, is a world renowned mint which dates back to the 12th century. The story of the Austrian Mint begins in 1194, when Richard the Lionheart paid 12 tonnes of silver to secure his freedom from imprisonment by the Austrian Duke Leopold V. The Austrian Duke would later use the silver to strike silver coins, thus laying the foundation for the Austrian Mint. In its rich and long history, the Austrian Mint has produced many of Europe’s most famous and widely used coins, including gold crowns, guilders, ducats and silver coins such as the Maria Theresa thaler.

Many of the gold coins issued by the Austrian Mint were extensively used in trade during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the silver thaler proved to be one of the most minted and widely used silver coins in global commerce between 1750 and the 1950s. Today, the mint is best recognised for producing Europe’s most desired investment bullion coins, the Austrian Philharmonics, also referred to as Vienna Philharmonic gold and silver bullion coins.

The Perth Mint is a world distinguished mint and precious metals refiner that is located in the City of Perth, in Western Australia. The Perth Mint was founded in 1896 by Britain’s Royal Mint
in response to the newly discovered gold deposits in Western Australia. Perth Mint’s task was to refine gold ore from the mines and to strike sovereign gold coins from the refined bullion. Between 1899 and 1931 the Pert Mint produced a considerable amount of gold sovereigns which were disturbed in Australia and throughout the British Empire to be used as circulating currency.

British control over Perth Mint was relinquished in 1971 to the Government of Western Australia which then assumed ownership of the mint. Today, the Perth Mint is hailed for the exceptional quality of its world class investment bullion coins like the Australian Gold Kangaroo, Kookaburra and Koala silver coins, and the gold & silver Lunar series. The Perth Mint has been a member of the London Gold Market (predecessor of the LBMA) since 1934.

China Great Wall Coins Investments Ltd is a subsidiary of China Coin Inc., an affiliate of the Chinese Central Bank. Founded in 1987, the company’s main business activity lies in facilitating the sales of Chinese precious metal commemorative coins, common metal commemorative coins and commemorative banknotes. It also undertakes the minting of national commemorative coins, and participates in supporting the money issuing system of the Central Bank of China. China Great Wall Coins distributes the most famous Chinese bullion investment coins, the Chinese Gold and Silver Panda coins.

Heraeus Precious Metals is part of Heraeus Holding, an engineering group that was founded in 1851, and which today is one of Germany’s largest privately owned businesses with annual sales exceeding 20 billion Euros. The company’s headquarters is located in the German city of Hanau, where it operates one of Germany’s largest refineries and precious metal fabrication plants that produces the country’s most renowned gold and silver bullion bars under the brand “Heraeus”
The group employs over 12,000 people in more than 100 different subsidiaries worldwide and operates a wide range of business activities such as precious metal fabrication and trading, the production of high-end biomaterials, medical and pharmaceutical products, and the manufacturing of advanced technological components. Heraeus Precious Metals is an accredited member of the LBMA.


Istanbul Gold Refinery, or IGR, was established in 2002 in Istanbul, and is one of the largest precious metals refineries and bar fabricators in Turkey. IGR was the first Turkish refinery to join the LBMA accredited list of refiners and likewise the first to be accredited by the Istanbul Gold Exchange and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. IGR produces a wide range of retail investment gold and silver bars that are widely traded in Turkey and the region.

Metalor Technologies is an acclaimed Swiss refiner and manufacturer, founded in 1852. The company’s main facility is today located in Neuchatel, Switzerland, where it operates a 650 tonnes per annum refining plant that manufactures precious metal bars for financial institutions and retail investors. It also produces numerous high purity metals and components for the high-tech industry.

Metalor has supplied the London Gold Market (predecessor of the LBMA) with Good Delivery precious metal bars since 1934, making it one of the oldest continuously producing fabricators of these valuable bars.