Our Principles

Since our inception, our way of conducting business has been guided by a set of principles that were first established by our founder Mr Alar Tamming, which through the years have been upheld and nurtured by everybody at Tavex Group, making them the essence of our company culture. These principles are:

We believe that trust is everything, especially in our field of work. With trust, we thrive as a business, without it, we perish. To be considered trustworthy for us means success; it is the abstract bedrock that provides support for our operation, the fuel to keep us going every day. And we believe that for you to keep trusting us we consistently need to deliver: high quality products, peerless services, unbiased advice, and a safe and convenient two-way market that enables you easily to exchange gold, silver and currency at market leading prices.

We believe that our clients are the most important aspect of our business. We always strive to provide the best possible service, meaning exceptional customer care, transparent pricing of our services and products, and, most importantly, top priority given to our clients’ needs and interests.

We believe that our most treasured assets are all the individuals that make up the Tavex team. They are our starting point and we go a long way to providing optimal conditions for their well-being. We choose our employees carefully and we take great pride in having a team of dedicated, talented, and service-oriented individuals that share the same high standards of integrity, professional ethics and passion to excel.

We believe that our partners play a key role in our development and growth. Thus, we are committed to fostering our long-term partnerships in a way that balances the mutual interests of all parties.

Finally, we enjoy what we do, and our business philosophy of keeping our clients, employees, and partners happy has always provided us with success. We will continue with this way of thinking, and we believe that our future achievements will be the result of our continuous commitment to providing exceptional services that rest on quality, dedication and trust.