Sell gold or silver
over the counter

No evaluation fee and instant payout.

It’s simple, this is how it works

STEP 1. Just walk in to one of our offices in Helsinki and show the items to our staff.
STEP 2. A precious metals expert will verify the items; usually this takes only a couple of minutes.
STEP 3. Once the items are authenticated, you are offered the price according to our up to date pricelist.
STEP 4. Tell the clerk how you would like to get the cash, present a valid ID, and get paid!

Market leading prices

The prices we pay are linked to the live market prices of gold and silver, meaning that you will always be offered accurate and up-to-the-minute prices when selling to Tavex. In addition, we guarantee the highest buy-back prices for your gold and silver items. Find out more in our “Best Price Guarantee”.

Fast payout options

  • Get cash in hand over the counter at one of our offices.
  • Same day free of charge transfer to your bank account. (Transfer time 1-2 banking days)

What we buy over the counter

We buy gold and silver investment bars and coins, old and unwanted jewellery, rings, necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, medals, watches, and broken gold & silver items.

Wish to sell large amounts?

Are you a licensed trader of gold and silver scrap/jewellery? Please contact us by telephone on +358 9 68 149 149 or by email at for wholesale prices.

What we do not buy

Tavex does not buy melted gold & silver, gold dust, unpurified dental gold, plated or rolled gold items. Pearls and precious stones will be discarded. In addition, we do not buy gold items that have a fineness less than 375 (9 karats) or silver items with a fineness less than 500.

Any questions?

Call us on +358 9 68 149 149 and get help now or leave your email or phone number together with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions

To sell items made of gold and silver to Tavex, you need to be at least 18 years of age, the legal owner of the items, and also have the sole right to transfer the ownership of the objects to Tavex. Furthermore, we are required by law to identify the seller. For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale to Tavex.

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Price alert

Select an ideal price at which you want to make your transaction and then sit back. When the price is reached, we will send a notification to your email. Price Alert is a free service.