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1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand

Tavex is pleased to present the brand new South African Krugerrand silver coin, the silver version of the World’s first legal tender gold bullion coin. First minted in 1967, the Krugerrand gold coin was introduced in 1967 as a vehicle for private ownership of gold. In 2017, the 50th anniversary of Krugerrand gold coin was celebrated with the launch of the special edition Krugerrand silver coin with special 50th-anniversary Mint mark. In 2018 the first 1 oz Krugerrand silver bullion coin was released at a low premium over the prevailing spot price of silver. The coin bears the same design as the original gold coin with the portrait of Paul Kruger, the former president of the Republic of South Africa. Unlike gold coin, silver bullion has the nominal value of 1 South African Rand.

Krugerrand is an iconic brand that has withstood the test of time. The Gold Krugerrand’s popularity and investment value has made its new silver Krugerrand bullion coin highly-anticipated and hoped for, according to global investors. In light of a multitude of competing investments, the Krugerrand maintains that an investment in silver represents the peace-of-mind that the modern investor seeks.


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  • The Krugerrand silver coins are money. Krugerrand silver coins have the nominal value of 1 Rand, they legal tender in South Africa and are accepted and exchanged throughout the world.
  • The Krugerrand silver coins are brand new bullion coins by the world-famous South African Mint. Krugerrand is an iconic brand that has withstood the test of time.

The Springbok displayed on the coin's obverse is South Africa’s national animal. The Springbok or Antidorcas marsupialis is characteristic for its jumping display. The Aloe claviflora is one of the most well-known South African aloes. This plant is widespread in the dry interior of South Africa, an area, in which the Springbok is also abundant. Modelled by the renowned South African sculptor, Coert Steynberg. 

The word "Krugerrand" is derived from Paul Kruger's name and the monetary unit of South Africa, the rand, which is associated with the Witwatersrand "the ridge of white water" – the gold producing area discovered in 1886 in South Africa.

The South African Mint

South Africa was the largest gold mining nation during the mid 20th century, contributing almost 50% to the annual global mine supply. To more easily sell this abundant supply of gold, the South African gold mining industry came up with the idea to develop a circulating gold bullion coin that would exclusively contain gold from the South African mines. The idea was approved by the South African Central Bank which authorized the creation of the legal tender Krugerrand gold coin. The Krugerrand gold coin was struck for the first time in the early 1970s by the South African Mint and would prove to be the most successful gold bullion coin ever to be issued by the Republic of South Africa. 

Face value descriptionDiameterFinenessSilver weight in gramsProduct weight in gramsSilver weight in Troy ouncesManufacturerManufacturer country
1 Rand38.72599931.1034731.13461The South African MintSouth Africa

The obverse of the silver coin features the portrayal of the beloved former President of South Africa – Paul Kruger. The silver coin bears the same image as the gold Krugerrand, which was inspired by the portrait used on the 1892 South African Gold Pond Coin. Around the portrait is inscribed "SUID AFRIKA SOUTH AFRICA".

The reverse of the coin showcases a Springbok – a medium-sized antelope native to the open, treeless plains of southern Africa – portrayed bounding across the savannah. "KRUGERRAND" is inscribed above the animal, the coin also features the year of the mintage on the sides and silver content "FYNSILWER 1OZ FINE SILVER" and nominal value R1.

 Each coin is individually packaged in a hard plastic capsule if needed. Multiples of 25 are available in original mint-sealed tubes. For bulk purchases, we stock original South African Mint sealed boxes which contain 20 tubes with twenty-five Krugerrands to a tube (500 coins in total).

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