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1 oz Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon 2012 Silver Coin

Tavex is pleased to offer the Australian Silver Kookaburra coin, Australia’s most iconic silver bullion piece. This ... read more
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20,65 €


Tavex is pleased to offer the Australian Silver Kookaburra coin, Australia’s most iconic silver bullion piece. This one-of-a-kind silver coin exhibits peerless quality and aesthetic beauty, yet is available at affordable prices. Issued for the first time in 1990 by the renowned Perth Mint, the Australian Silver Kookaburra was the world’s first silver bullion coin to commemorate one of nature’s most charming birds: the kookaburra in 99.9% pure silver. Considered legal tender in Australia, this coin carries a denomination of 1 Australian dollar and is suitable for any investor who would like to invest in a legal tender silver coin that has a long-term track record of appreciating in value. As a long-term partner of the Perth Mint, Tavex is able to offer market leading quotes for any desired quantity of this sparkly silver coin.

Why Buy

  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are money. The Silver Lunar Series was introduced for the first time in 1999 and every silver coin in the series, including the Year of the Dragon, is considered to be legal tender by the Australian Government. 
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are rare. Issued only twice since the Lunar Series started, in 2000 and 2012 respectively, the one-ounce Year of the Dragon coin is one of the rarest legal tender .999 fine silver bullion coins to be issued in the 21st century with a mintage of only 418,697 silver pieces. 
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are based on the treasured Chinese lunar calendar. Those born in the year of the dragon are generally perceived to be dominant, noble, powerful and determined, but with the characteristic of being hot-headed and rebellious. 
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are great gifts for your loved ones. Give a tribute to the ones you appreciate by marking their virtues and year of birth in pure .999 fine silver, a gift that will stay with them forever.  
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are made in proof condition. Minted with such high quality, brilliance and rich detail, it becomes hard not to call it “my precious”.  
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are popular with astute collectors. Its motif of the dragon that varies every 12th year, its maximum mintage limit, and its quality, purity and legal tender status mean that the coin has a considerable premium over its melt value in the secondary market.
  • Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are internationally recognised. By being part of the Australian Silver Lunar Series which has been in continuous production for 15 years, and by portraying motifs of the famous Chinese zodiac and the effigy of the most powerful and longest serving queen in the 20th century, Queen Elizabeth II, the Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coin is recognised throughout the globe by bullion dealers and collectors alike.

Buying silver items means low risks and maintaining wealth

Silver's value has grown over the years making it good to maintain or grow wealth.

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    20,65 €
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Fact: silver price in EUR has risen -12.05% in the last 8 years. The lowest price was 10,57 EUR/oz and the highest 25,14 EUR/oz. Current world market price is 21,26 EUR/oz


Australian Lunar silver coin - Year of the Dragon 

The Chinese lunar calendar is today used by many for Taoist cosmology. It is believed that, depending on the year of the zodiac when a person is born, a special relationship exists between the person’s personality and the animal that constitutes part of the Chinese zodiac. The animals in the zodiac are supposed to be of symbolic nature, where each animal is a representation of a specific group of characteristics and traits that can be found in every human being. There are twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, each of them being celebrated once every twelve years. The year of the dragon was last celebrated in 2012.  

Those born in the year of the dragon are considered to be persons who are vigorous and strong, highly self-assured and proud, and their enthusiasm in embracing challenges and risk inspires confidence and trust in other people. Their energetic way of life can make them somewhat short-tempered and they do have a tendency of being rebellious. Although the year of the dragon is coupled with power and determination, the inner energy of people born under this sign will often manifest itself as personal warmth and kindness, making them especially generous towards the people they care about.  It can therefore be seen that the Australian Gold Lunar Year of the Dragon coin is an ideal gift for whoever you love or respect, since giving a Silver Lunar coin means that you are showing affection by immortalising the person’s year of birth and particular virtues in pure and precious silver artwork.


Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon coins– as rare as silver  

The Perth Mint introduced Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins for the first time in 2000 and subsequently issued the coins again in 2012. The next issue of the “Year of the Dragon” will only become available in 2024, when the dragon according to the Chinese lunar calendar, will once again captivate people’s imagination. In 2000 the coin was offered in 1 kg, 10 oz, 2 oz, 1 oz, and ½ oz weights, while the 2012 issue added two new weights: 10 kg and 5 oz. Sales of the one-ounce coin in 2000 totalled 73,301 silver pieces, while the 2012 issue has been sold out, reaching the maximum mintage limit of 300,000 silver coins. If the mintage for all Year of the Dragon silver coins is included, then the total figure rises to 1,157,764 silver pieces. This is an extremely low figure compared with the mintage of other well-known investment silver bullion coins. For example, the American Silver Eagle coin reaches the corresponding cumulative mintage figure of the Year of the Dragon silver coin every 11 days. Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon silver coins are thus well suited for collectors since they are naturally as rare as silver. 

Product weight in grams
Silver weight in grams
Silver weight in troy ounces
Face value description
1 dollar
The Perth Mint, Australia


The obverse portrays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The reason for picturing Her Majesty the Queen stems from Australia’s membership of the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth of Nations. By being a member of the Commonwealth, Australia has Queen Elizabeth II as its reigning constitutional monarch. Above the Queen’s effigy is the text “ELIZABETH II” and “AUSTRALIA”. Inscribed below the effigy is the denomination, the year of mintage, weight and purity of the coin, and the designer’s initials “IRB” – Ian Rank-Broadley. 


The reverse displays a vigorous dragon in combination with an orb. Inscribed in the centre is the Chinese character for “dragon”, and to the right is the letter “P” which stands for Perth Mint. Below the dragons is the text “Year of the Dragon”.

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