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How to handle gold?

Published by Kirke Sööt 1 year ago
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As fine gold coins and bars are extremely soft, they can very easily be damaged. Product’s value is decreased when gold is scratched, bent or the original package has been opened.

Do not remove coins or bars from their package (plastic capsule, vacuum pack) unless it is absolutely necessary.

1. Always pick up coins and bars only by their edges.
2. Never touch gold anywhere on its surface as fingerprints may reduce the value.
3. If you need to touch gold products, it advisable to wear white, clean cloth gloves.
4. Never try to bite gold to test its softness.
5. Try not to let one coin touch another as nicks and scratches can result.
6. Do not drag coins across any surface.

When removing coins from a holder is necessary, place them on a clean, soft surface. A velvet pad is an ideal surface.

PS! The above applies mainly to new gold coins and bars. Many historical gold coins have been in circulation and are therefore scratched and nicked. Gold market value has preserved in spite of that.

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